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Jul 11, 2012

Refinery29 Shop Stalking

Refinery29 has gone and done something beautiful. They've curated a whole bevy of pretty wares in their sparkling new R29 Shops. Have you seen? From summer skivvies to Editor closet shopping, it's hard not to find a little ol' something you want, need, gotta have. I've already got a boat load of goodies in my cart.

One: Cosabella | Two: BC Footwear | Three: Graf & Lantz Bag | Four: Twistband Hair Ties | Five: Gorjana Bags

Jul 8, 2012

The Sequin Bandwagon

There's no denying that sequins are having a major moment. One that I think needs to make its way into my hot little hands. We're talking sparkling sequin clutch action.
Dazzling purses are the new black. Grab one in every color under the metallic rainbow

Eeny | Meeny | Miny | Mo

And if you're feeling more crafty and less spendy, check out this DIY from the pages of SMP's Fashion & Beauty Mag. It's the hotness.

Images: Cover: Champagne Showers | One: Fashion Coveteur | Two: Brunch at Saks | Three: Glamour and Pearls | Four: Fashion Vibe | Sequin Clutch DIY: Style Me Pretty with photography by Justin and Mary Marantz

Jul 3, 2012


because really this is how my brain puts things together. A mashup of visual proportions from kiss my neon ball gown to leopard top to stair bottom.

Jun 30, 2012

Baby Got Back

and Summer is for showing a little golden skin or a slightly pink glow if you're anything like me. Cheers to workin what your mama gave you in one of these pretty numbers...

Jun 6, 2012


Holy See Through Heels Batman. Get them here
And while you're at it, maybe pick these up too. Am I right? I'm so right. Best worn with a margarita in hand.

Jun 5, 2012

Get the Look: Romantic Boho

It's hard not to fall head over heels for Jen Huang's beautiful images. It's also hard not to be totally and completely inspired. As in a full blown bohemian extravaganza is the way to go for all things wedding. At least today it is. And if one were to partake in said extravaganza then surely the above attire is the way to go. Now add in a big, wild bouquet and boom. Hippie Dippie Magic.

1. Wedding Dress: BHLDN Cascading Goddess Gown
2. Floral Halo: Twigs & Honey Flower Blossom Halo
3. Sparkle Sandals: Piperlime Enzo Angiolini
4. Gold Cuff: Net-a-porter Oscar de la Renta cuff
5. Wood Necklace: Anthropologie Balanced Necklace
6. Embroidered Shift Dress: Anthropologie Gardenia Shift
7. Suede Sandals: Zara Platform Sandal

Mar 8, 2012

Elva Fields Magic

Elva Fields makes really pretty necklaces. Did I mention they were pretty? Find them here

Feb 1, 2012

there's nothing that a great velvet chair or sofa won't cure. And while we're at it, velvet shoes totally fall into that category as well

Images: Fey Handmade, Decor Pad, 3-5, 7: Lonny, 6,8: Rue, Atlantic-Pacific, Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Dec 15, 2011

What's Black and Brown and Spotted All Over?

I admit, my OBSESSION with leopard is made quite a bit more embarrassing when my last name is taken into consideration (Lepperd - like the animal only cooler)so I try to add just a dash with out going too overboard. On that note, is a leopard couch considered a dash?!? How about a leopard clutch? Fine, fine, more dashy, I know. But just know glorious leopard sitter....I have my eye on you.

Dec 5, 2011

Nordic Knitwear

When the temps drop, I always find myself dreaming of cozy Fair Isle sweaters and mittens galore. The two seem to go hand in hand and this knitwear is making an appearance just about everywhere this season. Seriously, even your puppies can get in on the action. Me loves.

Fair Isle for

Nov 1, 2011


Come November 12, I'm joining the club. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I will look even half as adorable as these lovely ladies. Now hows about a looky-loo at what's currently at the top of my eyeglass lust list

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